River Plantation Irrigation Schedule

This is the current irrigation schedule that residents should follow when watering their lawn once a week.  There is a tag on the curb by the driveway that shows the day and time period you’re scheduled to water.  Please adhere to your assigned day and time period to allow for proper balancing of water for all residents in the community.  Each zone for your lawn is allowed to be watered for up to 30 minutes, however spray zones deliver twice as much water to the area, so please set your spray zones to 15 minutes and the rotor zones to 30 minutes and both areas will receive the same amount of water.  You can also adjust your timer to apply seasonal percentage of water to 50% meaning that your timer will water 100% in dry periods during the warmer months and as little as 50% in the cooler months because there is less evaporation loss in the cooler months.  If you find there are areas that stay wet such as shaded side yards, reduce the time for that zone.

These conservation methods will help the entire community work towards increased watering frequency down the road.

Please make sure your rain sensor is set on active, and not set on bypass.

If your curb tag is missing, please report this to Sentry management.

Testing of and repairs to your irrigation system can take place all day on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  These hours have been expanded from the small 10 am to 2 pm window of time.  

If you treat your lawn or have it treated, please schedule the work to be done within the 48 hours prior to your one scheduled watering day.  Most fertilizer companies are in our community two or more times on a given week treating lawns, so these companies will work around your one watering day.  Please try to conserve water.

You must also conform to  Manatee County Water Restrictions with such things as you can water new sod or plants for thirty (30) days only if the area is over 51% newly planted materials.  For planted areas that are less then 51% new materials, you may only hand water that area for thirty (30) days.

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