Irrigation Update

There have been recent on and off problems with two of our three computerized wells.  Once it was determined by the vendor that the problems were complex in nature, Mike DiChristofaro, HOA president and Kelvin Nimmo, irrigation committee member spoke at great length about the functional aspects of the internal workings of the wells and after consulting with vendors in the industry as well as Pentair, the manufacturer of the computerized controllers or VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) and the motors and pump assemblies in the ground, the recommended repairs are being made and settings are being adjusted.

One of the two wells that were down is now up and running as of 04-22-2020. You should notice improved pressure and your irrigation system working properly now.  When parts, some of which should be covered under warranty, are received, the second well will be repaired.

The performance and reliability of all three wells will be monitored closely, but the vendor has found and addressed issues that were definitely causing the failures.

The HOA Board thanks you for your patience as these complicated irrigation issues are addressed.  Necessary irrigation for specific planting areas will be addressed next so that new plantings will thrive.   Then, the Board will be able to address landscaping for several areas as soon as practical.