Irrigation System is Turned Off Due to a Mainline Leak

We are sorry to announce that the irrigation system is down due to a leak in the mainline that took place during a resident fence install today.  The system has been turned off so the lines can drain.  The repair should be completed tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16, 2020.  

Until the vendor takes a look at the repair, we cannot anticipate if the repair will need time to dry.  If it does require time for the glue to dry, the irrigation system will be down until Thursday at 4 pm.  With the recent past rainfall and the predicted rain in the forecast for today and with it being overcast, the ground should be saturated enough to provide sufficient water for residents’ lawns that are on a weekly watering schedule for today, tomorrow, and into Thursday.

For anyone who has a vendor scheduled to service their irrigation system tomorrow, you should reschedule. 

Thanks for your understanding.