HOA Board Meeting Wednesday October 21st at 7 pm

Due to an air conditioning malfunction the meeting will not be air conditioned and homeowner comments will be postponed until the next meeting in which the air conditioning is functioning once again.

Due to COVID-19 we ask all homeowners to wear masks and someone should be at the front door checking forehead temperatures.  Residents made these requests.  People with an above normal temperature will be asked to leave.

There will be board discussion and or voting for board member appointment, an aerator for pond #7, to do some additional irrigation work, landscaping for some areas that need attention, some mulch, some grading work and drainage repair in amenity center, and some fence work in the amenity center.

There will not be any discussion for annual budget nor will there be any annual election discussion at this meeting.  These matters will be brought up at a future meeting.

There have been some posts on social media claiming many trees will be voted on to be removed.  This is only a rumor and there will be no discussion on the removal of any trees other than two dead or dying palms and one oak tree that blew over in Hurricane Irma and a prior board tried several times unsuccessfully to have it straightened back up.