Happy Valentine’s Day

You may have noticed that certain red and white lights remained unlit on the palm and holly trees after the Christmas season.  Since the Christmas lights were so well received, these lights were purposely left in place to be part of the outdoor Valentine decorations at our three entrances.  Keeping these lights in place allowed us to amortize the cost spent to install them in-part by our custodian, Keith and to extend the enjoyment they gave to so many of our residents who provided positive feedback.

The large hearts on the front entrance sign were made by a volunteer in the community, and the cost was nominal for materials. The Valentine decorations can be used again next year and for a number of years to come while their cost can be amortized over these same years.  A young boy in our community said the following about the main entrance Valentine decorations, “It makes us seem more friendly and it makes me smile and happy to live here.”  This is the goal with these feel-good efforts and the other look-good efforts of repairing and up-keeping the amenities and common grounds in our community many of which have taken place and others that are in the works.