Happy Holidays

The Board of Directors would like to wish you and your family warm greetings during this holiday season.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we could not repeat the very successful visit by Santa at the Clubhouse, but the plan is to have an even better community holiday get-together next year with an even bigger turnout than we had in 2019.

Trimming of Palms, Oak Trees and Crepe Myrtle Trees

The five Washingtonia palms in front of the clubhouse have been trimmed.  The County has been out and they plan on substantially trimming the street side of the Oak trees. This is a County decision, not a decision by the Association. Westcoast has also stated they will trim the Oak trees in the early part of 2021.  Westcoast will be informed of the County trimming and they will be told to trim after the County completes their trimming. Westcoast trimming is still needed because the County only trims one side of the tree.  Once a time frame has been provided, it will be made known.

The Crepe Myrtle trees will be trimmed some time during their dormant state which is now through February, and this will allow the trees to bloom later in the year.

Landscaping is in Progress

New Foxtail Palms have been planted at the three entrances and the cul-de-sac at the far east of our community.  Other colorful plants have been installed.  Additional landscaping will be installed in January.  Drip line irrigation has been put in place in these areas.   Irrigation will be tweaked to meet the needs of the various plantings before any mulch is installed.  Mulching of the newly planted areas will be done soon.  Also, at the main sign, the oversized bed will be reduced with the addition of new sod.   As far as the quantity of plants goes, we all need to realize that over about three years plants tend to SLEEP the first year, then CREEP in the second year and then LEAP in the third year.  We want the landscape to look good as it fills in rather then it become all overgrown in no time as has occurred in the past.

Landscape in the five triangular beds should not take place until the irrigation company bores underground to these areas.  As you know, maintenance of our irrigation system is being addressed on a regular basis while attempting to get some areas upgraded for the long term success for certain planting areas.

Clean up of Nature Trail and around the Four Large Lakes

A Manatee county rep was called out to our community when there was a clean up of the nature trail a year and a half ago in response to a homeowner complaint. The Board since then has repeatedly requested that a Manatee county rep come out to identify what can and cannot be removed from the trail. Manatee county reps recently came out and walked a portion of the nature trail and the four large lakes with the HOA president, vice president and a homeowner.

The lead Manatee County rep made known to the Association that when invasive plants, grasses and trees were removed a year and a half ago along the nature trail, a few small, non-invasive trees were among them.  Our vendor will be mindful of the few native plant varieties that should remain.  As always, the Association asks the community members to not interfere with this vendor or any vendors doing work in the community.

The lead Manatee County rep identified additional invasive trees, plants and grasses along both sides of the nature trail that are required to be removed.  They also walked the four large lakes and identified invasive plants and grasses that need to be removed. This required cleanup will open up the bank along the lake on 22nd Ct E., east of the entrance to the nature trail as well as behind the homes along the bigger lakes.   This removal of vegetation identified by the Manatee County reps will begin soon.  The County is actually requiring the cleanup to be more comprehensive then the early 2019 cleanup and is anticipated to take several days.  These days may or may not be consecutive depending on weather conditions and any other unforeseen circumstances.   This clean up will provide additional visibility and safety from any possible snakes or gators in the brush.

Installation of Curb Watering Tags

The Irrigation Committee members reviewed the quotes for curb watering tags and provided all quotes along with their recommendation to the Board for their review and approval.  The Board would like to thank Kelvin Nimmo, Irrigation Committee member who has installed new tags at the curbing adjacent to the driveways of homes throughout our community that had missing or faded tags.  In following the color coded map the Association uses, some tags may have been changed to properly reflect what is shown on the chart.  Anyone with a new curb tag should look to see if their watering time frame has changed.  The new tags have black lettering and are easily identified.    

Posted 12-20-2020