Below are some of the main covenants that seem to get overlooked by some residents.

No trucks with over a one ton load capacity are allowed to be parked overnight anywhere in the community.

This is a very controversial issue.  Covenants do have restrictions about street parking.  This means residents need to at least first park all vehicles within their driveways and/or enclosed garages before overnight parking on the community streets.  There should never be any overnight street parking when the resident has space on their driveway or in their garage.  The covenants do specifically state that the streets shall be free from congestion.  No vehicles shall block any postal worker’s vehicle from having access to mailboxes, and no vehicles shall park within thirty (30) feet of an intersection.  For courtesy and to reduce the risk of a neighbor backing into your vehicle, no one should park opposite of another resident’s driveway. 

No animals, livestock, poultry, or pets of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept on any Lot, except that not more than three (3) household pets per Lot may be kept provided, however that no more than two (2) of such pets may be dogs, and provided further that they are not kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purposes. No Owner shall maintain within the Property Rottweilers, Doberman pinchers, Pit-bulls and any mix that includes any one of the foregoing breeds.  Such household pets must not constitute a nuisance or cause unsanitary conditions.

All owners must first submit an architectural request for any outdoor modifications on any home.  This includes all changes to the outside of a home, including repainting of the home (even if the same colors will be utilized).  This also includes fences.

Covenants and Forms and rules can be downloaded as PDF files here​

A charming 457 home community located in Parrish Florida. 30 minutes North of Sarasota and 45 minutes South of Tampa.