Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate any questions you may have about our community, but If you need additional information regarding HOA matters please e-mail Brittany Polston at [email protected] or call Brittany at 941-361-1222 ext. 51009

You will need to fill out this pool fob information sheet and send it along with $25 to Sentry Management.

Tuesday – Regular Trash
Wednesday – Yard Waste
Friday – Regular Trash and Recycle

Trash may be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the evening prior to pick up, and your trash/recycle cans must be taken in that evening after pickup.  Trash/recycle containers must be stored out of view, meaning stored in the garage or behind your home, screened with plants to shield from neighbor’s view.  Trash/recycle containers may not be stored on the sides of homes.

When placing trash and recycle containers down near the curb please leave space between your trash containers and the recycle container because the recycle container is picked by machine and room is needed to be able to grasp the recycle container.  Directions on how to position the recycle container are printed on the lid.

Up to two large items (furniture, mattress, tires, etc.) can be placed at the curb with your regular garbage and picked up for free. This does not include white goods (refrigerator, stove, washer, etc. and E-Scrap (TVs, printers, microwaves, etc.), which require a special pickup.

Call Utilities Customer Service at (941) 792-8811 to schedule a special pickup for white goods, E-Scrap or more than two large items. Customers receive one free special pickup a year. Additional special pickups require a fee.

The manual pickup of yard waste occurs at approximately 6:00 am on Wednesdays, so you need to place yard waste at the curb after 6:00 pm on Tuesday evenings. If you put yard waste out after the pickup has occurred, you need to remove it immediately, and cannot put it out again until the following Tuesday evening. Be advised that all yard waste must be in your yard waste container, paper yard waste bags, and/or tied bundles for pickup. Tree limbs and hedge clippings should not be more than four (4) feet in length and six (6) inches in diameter. Please do not leave yard debris at the curb after pickup has already occurred, or you will be in violation of the community’s covenants, conditions and restrictions, and you may receive a violation letter from Sentry Management.

These sites are not affiliated with, sponsored and/or approved by, the River Plantation HOA. The board recognizes that these social media sites do help in the sharing of information with the community. The board may utilize from time to time the NextDoor website for sharing information but the only verified information will come from a current officer of the board. Posts from any other party would be deemed not official nor a reliable source of information.

River Plantation has a permit with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) and our permit allows watering only one day per week.  There is a tag on the curb to the right of your driveway.  You are only allowed to water on the day on the tag and only within the window of time stated on your tag.  Watering shall be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes per zone.  Please see our irrigation page for more information.  If you tag is missing, please report this to Sentry management.

Yes, you can change the color of your home.  You will need to submit an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) application.  You must wait for approval prior to painting.  Currently all ARC forms are approved or denied at the HOA board meetings.  If you have any questions, or are unsure, it is best to contact HOA staff, or Sentry Management.

Yes, you are responsible for maintaining the tree and easement.  Please maintain eight (8) feet of clearance from the road and sidewalk surface to the lowest hanging branches of the tree.  You are also responsible to cut the easement grass, and edge along the curb and sidewalk that border the easement area.

The best thing you can do is first take a picture as proof of the dog off leash, then see if you can get the address of the dog’s owner. You should contact Sentry management and provide this information to them as our covenants contain language that a dog must be on a leash.  You can also contact Manatee County Animal Services so that they can contact the pet’s owner to advise that Manatee County has a leash law in effect and explain the consequences if the dog is not kept on a leash. 

Please have your guest park on your driveway first and for spillover vehicles, guests are allowed to park cars on the street if necessary, and the vehicle must be facing the flow of traffic (right wheels to the curb).  Vehicles are not allowed to park within 30 feet of an intersection.  As a suggestion, do not park opposite of someone’s driveway because it is a sure way to get your vehicle damaged when that neighbor is backing out of their driveway.  Likewise, do not block any mailboxes as this is against postal regulations.  Postal employees are not allowed to get out of their vehicle for regular mail delivery.  Also, please do not allow guests to park on or near curves in the road because that causes visibility issues and congestion which is violation of our community covenants.

Residents may fish from the banks of the ponds within the community.  Please remember that boats are not allowed to be used in the ponds.  Cast netting is not allowed in any ponds in the community.  Catching turtles is also prohibited in all ponds within the development.

The easiest and quickest way to report either a streetlight outage, or one that remains on continually, is to contact Sentry Management and provide the address of the home closest to that street light.  The repair process generally takes approximately ten days to complete.

New to Florida?  Alligators and other wildlife are part of the habitat here in Florida.  Expect that an alligator resides in every body of fresh water you see.  The gators are generally not a problem and tend to stay clear of people.  Do not feed the alligators as they will then become aggressive and lose their fear of people.  If you see an alligator that is six (6) feet or larger and it appears to be aggressive, you can contact Sentry Management about your concerns.  Otherwise, enjoy the wildlife.

Proactive inspections for fire ant mounds and wasp nests on common grounds take place multiple times per week.  Repeated inspections are given to highly used areas such as the playground, pool deck and areas near the amenities as well as the immediate area around the dog waste stations.  Treatment takes place or is scheduled when found.

Even though proactive steps are taken to control fire ants and wasp nests on common grounds, they are relentless and quick to set up camp in a new location.   If you see a fire ant mound or wasp nest, please report the exact location to Brittany Polston at Sentry Management at [email protected] The same can be reported to Mike DiChristofaro, the HOA president via email at [email protected] or by calling or texting his cell at 941-713-1357 especially if the sighting is during the weekend when Sentry is out of the office.  Treatment will take place or will be scheduled.

Contact Brittany Polston at 941-361-1222 ext 51009 or by email at [email protected] who will contact a member of the Irrigation Committee who should be able to determine who is responsible for the repair. If you have an immediate need to determine who is responsible to repair an irrigation problem, you should contact Mike DiChristofaro, HOA president and member of the Irrigation Committee. He can be reached via cell or text at 941-713-1357. It is never too early or too late to reach him. Mike or another member of the Irrigation Committee will make arrangements with you to help you determine the source of the problem and who is responsible for the repair.

The homeowner’s shut off valve is typically found at one of the rear corners of the property. However, with homes that are located on a bend in the road or in a cul-de-sac, the shut off valve has been found in the adjacent yard of a neighbor or on common ground. It is not impossible that the valve could be within a neighbor’s fence. Sometimes they are difficult to locate because they are covered with grass.

If you still cannot locate it, call Brittany Polston, Community Association Manager at 941-361-1222 ext 51009 or by email at [email protected] who will contact a member of the Irrigation Committee who can help you locate it. If you have an immediate need to locate it, you should contact Mike DiChristofaro, HOA president/member of the Irrigation Committee who can be reached via cell or text at 941-713-1357. Mike or another member of the Irrigation Committee who has experience locating them will make arrangements with you to help locate it.

Inspection and testing of the common ground irrigation takes place periodically throughout each month on a weekday or Saturday. This being said, it is not uncommon for a geyser to take place or valve to be stuck open allowing water to run on a portion of the common ground after Sunday evening when common grounds are watered or when the water is shut off after an inspection or testing. If you notice a portion of the common ground irrigation is running, you should contact Brittany Polston at 941-361-1222 ext 51009 or by email at [email protected] who will contact a member of the Irrigation Committee to address this issue. If you notice common ground irrigation running before 9 am, after 5 pm or on the weekend, a more expedient option is to contact Mike DiChristofaro, HOA president and member of the Irrigation Committee who can be reached via cell or text at 941-713-1357. Mike or another member of the Irrigation Committee will address this issue.

The proper protocol for all residents is to write to Sentry Management, River Plantation’s property management company.   Forward your concern or question to Brittany Polston, Community Association Manager at [email protected] who will obtain a response to your concern or question.

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