Complete Air Conditioning System replaced at the Clubhouse on 10/30/20

The original air conditioning system at the clubhouse was broken and it was cost prohibitive to repair the unit because of the cost of the older R-22 Freon the system utilized.  The cost just to refill the R-22 Freon alone would have been $1200 plus the unknown repair cost for fixing the problem that allowed the Freon to leak out.  This old unit was also oversized for the square footage size of the clubhouse.  Too large of an air conditioning system may sound good but too large of a unit cools too quickly and shuts down before the humidity inside the conditioned space can be removed.  Your HOA Board approved up to $8,000 for the replacement of the system at the 10-21-2020 board meeting.  The project was completed today (10/30/20) by the awarded vendor and the job was completed for over $1200 LESS than what was approved.

The new system is a two-speed Trane XR17 heat pump with a SEER rating of 17 that will save on electric costs and the unit will provide more consistent temperature and better dehumidification by running a longer time but at a lower speed. Because the county requires a larger concrete pad for this unit, pavers had to be removed.  Existing pavers have to be cut and set back in place around this concrete pad.  The pavers will be cut and set back in place soon.  “It’s hard to stop a Trane” so we should have long, dependable service from this new unit.

Update: Pavers were cut and set back in place on Sunday, November 1, 2020 at no additional cost to the HOA.