Cleanup of Nature Trail and Four Large Lakes as of 12-30-2020

The brush along much of the nature trail and the homeowners’ side of the four larger lakes was mowed over a three-day period with a skid steer machine with a front mounted mower.  The County was out recently and stated the cleanup that was done in early 2019 was actually fine, even though some homeowner or homeowners had contacted the County claiming the cleanup was excessive.  The County representative pointed out to our HOA President, Mike DiChristofaro, and our Vice President, Frank Gonzalez, and a homeowner that was also in attendance, a few varieties of native plants that should remain, and the mowing vendor avoided these plants while cleaning up the brush.  The native plants to remain on common grounds are Wax Myrtle shrubs, Leather Ferns, and a few other plants.

The County representative also explained that even more should have been cleaned up in 2019 consisting mostly of invasive grasses and Brazilian Pepper trees.  Our vendor did a more extensive cleanup cutting back the invasive grasses on both sides of the trail and along the homeowner side of the four larger lakes. 

The next phase of the cleanup should begin within the next month and will consist of the removal of invasive Brazilian Pepper trees that can be reached by the vendor’s machinery.  Another vendor will clean up the areas of the trail with portable equipment where the larger machinery cannot access due to the limited width of all of the existing wooden bridges.

You will soon notice a long picturesque water view of the lake just east of the tennis court open up when invasive plants and brush are removed and some of the trees are lifted along 22nd Ct E.  This should create some additional fishing access for all of our residents to enjoy.

Update as of 01-09-2021 – The northern bank of the large lake east of the tennis court has been cleaned up per the County recommendation. The key is all future boards must work to keep this from getting overgrown again as had happened after the real estate downturn from 2008.