All Amenities Are Still Closed Until Further Notice

Re-opening Plan for Community Amenities

The Board has been advised to seek the advice of the HOA attorney before taking any steps to re-open community amenities.  More information will be provided within the next few days and will be shared with the community. 

Mulholland Road Concrete Sidewalk Project

In response to resident inquires about the wood survey stakes with colored ribbons along Mulholland Rd., these are markers for the sidewalk project that is scheduled to begin Wednesday, May 6, 2020 barring any unforeseen delay.

Sentry Personnel Update

Angie Green, Administrator is no longer with Sentry management.  This position has not been filled at this time.  Continue to send correspondence to Brittany Polston, Community Association Manager at [email protected].

Cleanup around the Ponds

Cleanup of trash around the perimeter of some of the community ponds has taken place by our custodian. This particular assignment has been suspended as Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) urges people to keep their distance from the ponds during alligator mating season.   Cleanup around needed ponds will continue in early July.  Much of the trash collected around the ponds is a result of some of the contents of residential garbage containers spilling out when blown over by wind or turned over by animals.  Ensuring that garbage containers have a tight fitting lid will reduce trash from ending up in our ponds.