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HOA Election Politics are pretty much standard in HOA Associations

Our annual election is scheduled for 02-23-2021 and River Plantation, like so many other Associations, is not immune to the election politics.  Ours are generated by a very small group within our community. 

The HOA Board has been contacted by residents in River Plantation to obtain a clarification about the Newsletter and its contents they recently received.  This Newsletter gives the appearance that it is an official HOA newsletter, but it is not a HOA Board sanctioned Newsletter.  If you look at the Contact US section listed on the front page of the ANONYMOUS Newsletter, it lists a website and email address that is in NO WAY associated with the HOA Board.  The Facebook page listed is also in NO WAY neither associated with nor endorsed by the HOA Board.  You can view the list of administrators on the referenced Facebook page to surmise who may be supporting these confusing self serving, anonymous newsletters and the anonymous website.

The HOA Attorney prepared this letter and asked for it to be posted. It was prepared to provide an in-depth and procedural response to address the use of proxies and election ballots and to address the misleading and baseless claims which have created confusion among the residents within our community.

The HOA Board is in no way singling out or endorsing the three candidates whose bios were included in the anonymous newsletter.  The complete list of candidates will be listed in the election packet you will receive in the mail for the February 23, 2021 election.

State law forbids the HOA Board to endorse any candidate running for election.  Individual homeowners, including individual board members, can endorse whomever they like.

Again the HOA Board wants to make it clear that no official Newsletters have been sent out in over two years because all communication can be found on this official HOA Website.  Newsletters have become obsolete in today’s age of Internet technology.

Any Newsletters you receive during this election cycle have been sent by an unscrupulous person or group of people if hiding behind anonymity.  People looking to help our community would proudly post their names in any communications.

Do not rely on any information you receive via these anonymous Newsletters. As an example, on the last page there was a statement that people should not give their ballot (blank or completed) to anyone else. The claim was that this is not allowed, but that is a totally untrue statement. Any homeowner is welcome to provide their completed ballot and/or completed proxy to anyone they choose for the purpose of hand delivering the materials directly to Sentry or to bring to the Annual Meeting. Any proxies must be received by Sentry Management at least 48 hours prior to the Annual Meeting, but ballots may be delivered to the Annual Meeting by anyone that is attending the meeting.

Posted on 01-29-2021, updated with HOA Attorney letter above on 02-20-2021

A charming 457 home community located in Parrish Florida. 30 minutes North of Sarasota and 45 minutes South of Tampa.

Annual Election 02-23-2021 at the Parrish United Methodist Church, Check-In Starts at 6:15 pm